Visit of a delegation of students of the environmental course in the World Council for International Programs

20 November 2019

On Wednesday, 20th of November 2019 , the Director Of Royal Department For Environment Protection(RDEP),received in his office the manger of Council of International Educational Exchange(CIEE) ,"Mrs. Zain Nshewat"  accompanied by 12 American students who are studying Sustainability and environmental studies course in the  council.

The visit aims to review the nature of the work of the department and learn about its duties and achievements as a part of their environment study course at (CIEE )in Jordan.

The students were briefed on the workflow of the department , it's function, objectives and the most important achievements , and toured the environment exhibition  , which includes recycled materials and some of the most important field equipments and tools used in the environmental  investigation  .

After that the students toured the operation division within the department , where they listened to detailed explanations about the work mechanisms related to receiving , following –up and rapid response to complaints .

At the end of the visit, the students thanked the staff of the Royal Department For Environment Protection(RDEP)  ,showing their admiration to the distinguished work system and efforts exerted in protection of environment .