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Main duties (updated) for RDEP

* Contribute to the implementation of strategies and national plans related to protecting the environment in the Kingdom in cooperation and coordination with all concerned parties .

Application of Environmental protection law and the all relevant environmental legislations and participate to develop this legislations .

* To highlight the concept of environmental security and apply the principles and criteria of quality management in the environmental police work .

Assist the authorities in monitoring and control of offences constituting violations of the environment (water, air, soil and biodiversity).

* Provide the necessary support and protection to the stuff of the relevant ministries and governmental departments to protect the environment and nature while carrying out their duties.

* Assist the competent authorities to monitor and control the offenses which constitute a violation of Public Health (Food and medicines issues  and any products illegally) and provide the necessary protection to the staff of these authorities while carrying out their duties .

* Implementation of decisions of the competent ministries of conditions that are hazardous to the environment or in emergency situations by imposing environmental fines or closing off specific areas And in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

* Preparation of environmental awareness programs and participation in implemented to enhance the level of environmental awareness to all segments of society and in collaboration with various partners and media .

* Technical inspection of vehicle exhaust to ensure compliance with environmental requirements .

* Assist in monitoring the manufacture of chemicals, stored and traded without get the licenses .

Organizational Structure




Services that are provided by the Royal Department for Environmental Protection .

Receive the complaints and restrain the Environmental cases of livestock.

Receive the complaints and restrain the Environmental cases of plant and marine wealth .

Receive the complaints and restrain the Environmental cases for water resources.

Receive the complaints and restrain the environmental cases of industrial institutions ( factories and workshops ).

Receive the complaints and restrain the Environmental cases of General health and Businesses institutions.

Receive the complaints and restrain the Environmental cases of vehicles.

Implementation of Environmental laws and decisions issued by the relevant authorities through joint patrols.

Implementation the environmental awareness programmers. ( Lectures. Campaigns. Courses and messages and Environmental information's).

Organizing and conducting friends of environmental courses. For public and private sectors.

Security staff accompanying partners service .

Examination of vehicle exhaust service.

Measure the noise level service.

Receive the complaints on the action and behavior of the department personnel service.

Provide researchers and students or any official bodies with statistic or environmental information.


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