Quotes by His Majesty king Abdullah ll

Quotes by His Majesty king Abdullah ll In the Environment

     The Quotes by his majesty king Abdullah ll reflect the royal attention to environment protection and it's sustainability.

     " The human environment exposed to abuse, and it needs special care to ensure the activation and development of legislations, and to provide specialized competencies capable to work in the hard field, and to promote the participation between the formal and concerned bodies to safeguard the environment elements and it's components from pollution, and protect the agricultural lands from abuse and combat the desertification and soil erosion, and to maintain the natural reserves, and coordinate comprehensive national efforts to a forestation and develop the forests :


     " the interest of the environment topic is a national duty and should receive the attention and care, so, I hope your government gives the necessary attention to maintain the nature and environment, and pay attention to the environmental factors when developing and preparing plans and development projects and set legal and administrative measures to protect the environment" .

     " As for the environment, it poses another challenge to us. When fuels discovered from the ground before more than a century, there was no more than about a billion people in the world, and now there are more than six billion. And that the fuels become a key element to sustain life in all continents. God granted our region with abundant energy resources, and we should manage and sustain these resources for longer period" .