1. Contribution and implementation of the national environmental strategies through coordination and cooperation with all stakeholders in the Kingdome.
2. Apply the environmental protection laws and participation in development the legislations related to the environment.
3. Display the concept of environmental security and apply the institutional development standards in the work.
4. Assisting the competent authorities in mentoring and controlling the environmental elements violations (water, air, soil and biodiversity) and provided the necessary protection for the employee of ministries and government departments concerned with the protection of the environment and nature through their duties.
5. Implementing the decisions of the competent ministries in emergency cases that pose a danger to the environment by removing the environmental violations according to the applicable laws and regulations.
6. Preparing the environmental awareness programs and participation in their implementation to enhance the environmental awareness level
7. Assisting in monitoring the manufacture, storage and circulation of chemicals without obtaining the necessary licenses.
8. Promotion of (knowledge, communication and creation) in the institutional work.
9. Ensure the ideal usage for available human and physical resources.
10. Activation the cooperation and coordination with strategic partners.
11. Implementation of the public security law, orders and instructions issued by public security director and any duties required.